Add PowerPC support in templates

Authored by Guy Menanteau <> on Jun 27 2017, 1:16 PM.


Add PowerPC support in templates

  • use only a subset of tests for ppc64 and ppc64le with a new "Fedora PowerPC group" and only three flavors "Server-boot-iso", "Server-dvd-iso", "universal",
  • set TIMEOUT_SCALE for PowerPC machines (as requested) rather than to specifically increase timers in tests/ (300 to 600) tests/ (300 to 1200)
  • TEST_TARGET for all PowerPC Products set as ISO
  • increase disk size for asian cyrillic and european tests add HDDSIZEGB = 15 for related tests install_asian_language install_cyrillic_language install_european_language
  • remove hardcoded arch in HDD_1 key using MACHINE variable (only for supported PowerPC tests not all of them) eg change from: "disk_f%CURRREL%_support_3_x86_64.img" to: "disk_f%CURRREL%_support_3_%MACHINE%.img"
  • Try to keep same order for PowerPC as for x86_64 tests and same priorities as documented in cid a5861ebc5d56a8b8d7fca40e00f21b21a203c371: 0-20: critical smoke tests (higher than Alpha priority) 20-29: Alpha priority 30-39: Beta priority 40-49: Final priority 50+: Optional priority
  • Warning: tests failure for PowerPC, not added: install_delete_pata install_sata install_package_set_kde install_updates_img_local
  • tests not tried: upgrade_server_domain_controller upgrade_realmd_client upgrade_desktop_encrypted_64bit

Signed-off-by: Guy Menanteau <>


michelmnoAug 8 2017, 3:24 PM
rOPENQATESTS5106d485138a: Add "PPC PReP Boot" filesystem for PowerPC blivet tests
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michelmno committed rOPENQATESTS7a0726d0dd1b: Add PowerPC support in templates (authored by Guy Menanteau <>).Aug 8 2017, 3:24 PM