README: add testcloud dependency

Authored by kparal on May 18 2017, 1:36 PM.



We import testcloud in our modules, but it wasn't mentioned in the
README. In turn, even docs building has been failing.

Test Plan

worked in a clean VM after testcloud was installed

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testcloud is in PyPI, it should be installed through requirements.txt, no?

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Ah, good catch. The actual problem was with missing libvirt-python. That's a dependency of testcloud, but it clearly doesn't state it on the pypi package. So, we should add the dep to the testcloud package (I'll create a patch). The drawback is that libvirt-python is a bit problematic to install from pypi, it requires to compile some libvirt modules, so it might be actually easier to install it as an rpm anyway. Will look into it.

OK, so, testcloud deps were fixed in D1200 and pushed to pypi.

There's still one problem, though. testcloud depends on libvirt-python. That can be installed from pypi, but requires gcc and libvirt-devel installed, otherwise the installation will fail. So we either need to include libvirt-devel in README, or libvirt-python straight away. Adding libvirt-python seems like the more friendly approach. Adjusting patch.

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  • add libvirt-python to readme instead, require fixed testcloud from pypi
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